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How to Become a Developer

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Learn industry-relevant No-Code Low-Code skills
Get right skill-sets to become a developer with Free Self-Learning Track of EasyManage Full-stack Developer Program. Build Your Own Side Projects and Samples/Portfolio rapidly with Free EasyManage Account.

Steps to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer in 3 Months
Without a Degree in Computer Science

A program designed to help you get work in software development.


Full-stack Developer Program

Get right skill-sets to start your career

Learning to Code online is preferred by over 70% students

EasyManage Developer Account FREE Plan suffices your needs

Learning to Code Aspirants
If you want to become a developer without a degree, there are many opportunities for learning available, and you can become a developer in short time with good efforts. Take your journey, all along with EasyManage account to help you in building.

A structured & flexible program

You begin either as a Beginner or Fresher Learner.

Learn Online and Keep building

Explore Online Resources and Learn More. Build Your Own Side Projects and Samples/Portfolio rapidly with EasyManage Account. Benefit from community support to guide you with learning, answering queries, providing help and tips, etc.

Complete Program, Seek out Internships

After completing the program, get Practical Experience with Internships. By pursuing your passions and exploring your learning opportunities, you can open the door to a career as a developer professional.

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Then apply for development work with great companies

Undertake to learn and complete program yourself.

Why Program?

After completing program, you will be eligible to apply for development work with great companies. And can further expect below.

Work Opportunities

Developers jobs are in huge demand. Developer roles in demand are Full-stack and Back-end developers.

Desirable Projects

Work on projects which interest you.

Good Compensation

Get good compensation for your work and keep flexibility of working in hybrid or remote mode.

Who Can Benefit From Program

Students with diverse backgrounds and at various learning stages can benefit from program.

Learning to Code and Freshers

Those who are Learning to Code in categories by Age (Under 18 years old, 18-24 years old, 25-34 years old) and Fresh Graduates from college who want to become a developer.

Non-Computer Science Educated

Its challenging to become a developer for Non-Computer Science Educated students. This program can help you.

Students 3rd & 4th Year College

Learn part-time from 3rd year onwards, gain advantage by the time you graduate to get developer jobs.

Students Grades 9 through 12

Learn to Code from secondary school, grades 9 onwards. Build academic projects and lay foundation to become a developer.

Journey From Classroom to Coder

Learning from Online Resources is increasing

Learn and get into coding

We see that learning how to code is a very unique experience, with people using a variety of tools and resources to build their skills.
Learning to code online increased from 60% to 70% year over year.

Learner Dilemma

Evergrowing competition demands Need to stand out

Make the best out of your chances with proper choices for foundational learning and practice.

Dilemmas Faced

Developer type
• Full-stack, back-end, front-end
• Choose your path as per own ambitions and liking
• Developers are wearing multiple hats. Full-stack types are best choice.

Theoritical knowledge Vs actual coding
• Have actual exposure to code for Full-stack, back-end, front-end.
• Get hands on coding to some extent in above.

Shadow role - A missing link
• Having opportunity for being in shadow role greatly helps students.

Practice and practice
• Keep building and iterating incremental development.

DRY (Don't re-invent Yourself) - Applies to Learning too
• Utilize development automation for repetitive work.
• Leaving youself time for creativity and innovation.

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