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We empower businesses in their digital transformation journey, helping reduce rising operational costs.

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Cloud Transformation Services

Cloud Services - Migrations, Modernization, Development, Transformation
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Augmenting Business Growth with Cloud Migration

Taking care of your cloud transformation efficiently, We empower businesses in their digital transformation journey, helping reduce rising operational costs. Moving on-premise to Cloud is taking the center stage across industries.

Reduce Costs

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

Faster Releases | GTM

Faster Go-To-Market for changing business dynamics.

Productivity Up

Higher Productivity and Increased Operational Efficiency

Cloud Services

Unlock cloud technology and expedite your digital offerings with our services.

Cloud Migration

Our services evaluate and recommend the best migration path for you based on your unique business scenario and objectives, ensuring greater scalability, productivity, and reducing costs. With at most cloud security and compliance.

Cloud Modernization

Legacy applications and outdated IT infrastructures pose challenges to your cloud transformation efforts. In order to realize the full potential of the cloud, businesses need to adopt modernization into their operations. We help you accomplish Cloud modernization with success.

Cloud Development

Custom Cloud Application Development Services to Develop and Deploy Cloud-Native Apps and Solutions Undertake full-cycle development services to create applications from scratch by leveraging SaaS models as well as modernizing them. We build SaaS products and cloud solutions from scratch for your choice of cloud such as AWS or Azure or GCP and using open source cloud technologies, tools and languages. We help you leverage cloud microservice-based architectures, develop cloud-native apps using DevOps tools & approaches, including Kubernetes, Containerization, Docker, CI/CD, and many others, to enable automated management across the public, private, and hybrid cloud.

Cloud Integration

Develop Integrations for your solutions, like integrating via APIs, using plug-ins and more.

Cloud Managed Services

Managing the deployment, implementation, provisioning, and workloads on the cloud. Services to support cloud operations.

Development Services

Hire Developer, No-Code Developer or Get Fixed Price Project: Provided With our remote developer for a flat monthly subscription. Or Get a Fixed Price project built, based on your requirements, budget, and roadmap.


Build cross-platform mobile app with our no-code developer assistance.
• Remote Developer to work on your project
• For frontend, or backend, or both
• Live App Run & Preview Online for testing
• - Above with MySQL Db
• Apps/APK For Web, Android
• Stack: Frontend Flutter, Backend GraphQL or REST API
• Inputs desired: UI/UX Design, Wireframes
• Inputs desired: Db tables via Db Source or SQL script.
• Development and Low-Code Customization Included


Build Custom no-code solutions to help you innovate and dominate the market. Avail developers including senior expert developers for customization as per requirement. Project built based on your requirements.
•A team to cover all your project needs: design, development & management
• Product Team: No-code developer, frontend/backend developers
• Low-Code or Full Customization as per requirements
• Following are some custom task examples -
• Define New Database Tables
• Turn Spreadsheet into Table
• Datamesh API Combine Sources
• Publishing Android App on Google Play Store
• Building/Publishing Apps on iOS

We Build App For You Based on Pre-packaged App: 24x7 Services

Pick Up From Our Pre-packaged App: 24x7 Services, (Build An App Like FeedsInfo) Or Start Custom Project.

About Us

Who We Are

FeedsInfo is revolutionizing the D2C service provider space in India with its unique Branded-App-Digital-Tools model that provides quality services list access to Tier-2-4, extra-urban and rural India.

Our technology platforms aims to drive easy market access, enhance consumer experiences, deliver business growth and empower every stakeholder in the services provider ecosystem. With our combination of no-code technology and digital tools, we have been able to improve outcomes for service providers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be India’s most trusted partner for improving access to D2C services and business outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a digital infrastructure that transforms services access in India by providing unparalleled customer experiences using digital front door tools.

Our digital tools enable us to penetrate even the extra-urban and rural markets with easy to use app that give us a competitive edge to support services providers to increase access these markets.

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