Health-tech to Uplift Patient Care

Engage Patients Digitally | Unlock value in your data
Reinforce Digital Front Door, Enable sharing of healthcare data and medical records across hybrid systems. Remote engage to avoid fragmented care, reduce on-site workload, implement preventive measures & screening.

Healthcare No-Code Platform
Transform healthcare staff as Citizen Developers to build apps, spreadsheets, workflows easily.

Healthcare Data Tools
Data Workspace, Pipeline, Exploration, Collection & Sharing

Transform healthcare staff as Citizen Data Scientists to access, share and collaborate with data easily.

Provide best Patient Care supported by latest techonology

Launch Telehealth initiatives

Usher to Data Analytics at edge, make decisions based on data



Health-tech innovations for healthcare providers.

Providing technology driven solutions for healthcare providers, aimed at solving challenges of accessibility, affordability and quality of care.


Improve accessibility by Digital Patient Engagement. Screening solutions to seek early access to treatments leading to better outcomes.


Provide cumulative group and family plan services to public and employers. Make services affordable via incentives, surgery packages, handling claims and insurance paperwork.

Quality Of Care

Improve in-hospital quality of care, Go beyond boundaries to provision "at home" services. Reduce fragmented care. Be parteners in full patient care journey.

Solutions For Hospitals, Labs, Employers

Mobile Apps | Web Apps | On-premise Solutions

Cloud based apps, rapid development and deployment with no-code/low-code methodology, integrate with existing systems.

Discover Services | Get Answers | Prepare Yourself Better
Discover Services offered | Ask Questions | Chat with Care Navigators

Discover all Services offered at Hospital or Online or nearby/home visit.

Know about Specialities & Departments, Preventive & Screening, Medical Condition Specific Details. Know about Managing Chronic and Complex conditions.

Bookmark and gather relevant information. Share within care receiver ecosystem.

Online Fullfillment Of Medical Services
Dr Consultations - General Ailments | Lab & Pharmacy | Initial Part Of Specialty Consultations | Pre and Post Hospital Care | Screening (Online)

Discover & Book Services, Consult & Follow-up online, Get results & reports, Get medicines delivered, At Home Technician or Nurse visit, Screening to detect conditions early

Screening packages as per Age or pre-Conditions or history. Pre-operative tests & preparations.

Care journey workflows, Care monitoring and alerts, Prescription Alerts, Refills due, Follow-up Appt or Tests

(Many services 24x7 , Specialists 8AM - 11PM)

Health-tech Solutions

Improve Patient Care & EX
No more dis-connected records

Healthcare providers such as Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies share medical records and healthcare experience with patients

Solution helps in scenarios such as hybrid and proprietary EHR systems, by facilitating them to talk to one another. No more dis-connected records. No need of calling, contacting to piece together medical record.

"In America, we have 11-15 minutes to see a patient, and, our EHR systems don't talk to EHRs of specialist consultants or hospitals, where we send patients, meaning that we-doctors still resort to transferring medical data via fax and notes printouts. -Patients, meanwhile, still struggle to access their own records distributed across multiple EHRs and with multiple credentials. EasyManage Health proposition looks promising in both aspects. "

Doctor Physician
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Health Solutions

Digital Front Door
Digital Patient Engagement
* EHR Connect: Share medical records across EHR systems
* Patient Engagement & Portal
Healthcare No-Code apps, spreadsheets, workflows
Healthcare Data Collaboration & Data Workspace

EasyManage empowers Solutions and Use Cases like:
Digital Health Transformation
Care Management
Patient Portals
Personal Health


FeedsInfo enables healthcare provider hospitals to share data with patients and partners.

Simple Interface

Cloud based apps providing simple and easy to use interface.

Powerful Mapping

Rapidly maps to provider hospital medical records, Enables data feeds via APIs, Supports multi-provider record formats.

Proven Methodology

Employ and engage remote healthcare workers to boost productivity and save costs.

Global Reach

Enables access to data feeds to global partners.

Secure and scalable

Data access secured with multiple security layers.

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