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Skilling, Reskilling & Upskilling

Full-stack Developer | Frontend Developer | Backend Developer

Get Workforce Agility While Delivering Growth Options for Employees
Until now, the skilling, reskilling and upskilling of the workforce has never been so easy and cost effective. Provide on-the-job training and utilize resource for real-world projects while undertaking programs.

Cross-functional full-stack developer teams forming rapidly to meet customer needs!

Get workforce skilled in batches of 10-20.


Workforce Agility

Employee Skilling, Reskilling & Upskilling Programs

Develop and deploy your workforce with greater Agility

Break down frontend or backend silos, reallocate talent and skills as full-stack, and put employees at the helm of their careers and industry trend. Introducing skilling, reskilling & upskilling programs that will provide impetus for improvement in retention and productivity.

Kick-off with your Program

Send your requirements, list your workforce with current skill-sets.

Start Program in Batches

Start off with your first bacth of 10-20 employees.

Get project built, Keep iterating

Deploy your workforce with greater agility. Keep developing, keep skilling next batch...

For Employees
How to become Ready-For-Tasks Developer?

Full-stack Developer Program

(Or Frontend Developer | Backend Developer)

Get right skill-sets for your employee career

Enroll trainees, freshers to 1+ Yr experience employees

Assing them EasyManage No-Code Developer Accounts

Program Outcome
Post completing program, they become Entry Level Full-stack Developer or Frontend Developer or Backend Developer, After working as Shadow resource for 3 months in that role. All along with EasyManage account to help in building.

A structured & flexible program

Employees begin either as a Beginner or Fresher Learner.

Mentoring by Experienced Professionals

Benefit from expereinced industry experts as mentors to guide you with learning, answering queries, solving technical issues, etc.

Complete Program, Get New Opportunities

After completing the program, Enable people to maximize their career potential through new opportunities, Connect career aspirations to growth opportunities across your organization.

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