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Taking D2C Service Providers and their services online. Book for On-site or Online Services. Book a Service, Order Products. Get pre and post order customer care 24x7. Download App.

Enhance Customer Experience. Grow Revenue.

Access services offered online 24x7 or at site.


How It works

Branded Mobile App - 7 to 14 Days

With 3-Easy steps, get beautiful mobile app ready to launch.

Kick-off with your App

Get on a call with our expert. Discuss on what 24x7 services you want to offer, your business locations & units. We will give you a proposal with price for standard app and estimate & rough timeline for custom requirements. Then start working with us.

We Build Your Branded Mobile App and Backend

1. Backend: APIs and Cloud Server is deployed on our hosted platform.

2. Mobile App: Mobile App is built and Andorid APK App with Live Data is made accessible to you!

3. Mobile App: Is published to Google Play Store.

Mobile App with Live Data Ready For Your Customers!

Once available, customers Download from Google Play Store and start using your app to book services.

Watch Our Solution in Action

FeedsInfo 24x7 (India)

Download and Use : FeedsInfo 24x7 Services


FeedsInfo 24x7

Technology innovations for D2C services providers.

Providing technology driven solutions for D2C services providers, aimed at solving challenges of accessibility, and customer experience.


Improve accessibility by Digital Consumer Engagement. Digital Front Door opens up access to services 24x7 and increases order bookings.

Schemes & Discounts

Attract online consumer bookings by offering schemes and discounts.

Customer Experience

Improve customer experience. Answer queries, engage digitally and provide far better customer support.

FeedsInfo 24x7 App Solution

FeedsInfo is an innovative solution for D2C service providers to improve reach for their services to online and on-site customers.

Unique Branded-App-Digital-Tools Model

Our branded mobile app & digital tools model enables better revenue growth as well as cost optimization for D2C service providers in Tier-2-4 cities.


An easy to use app, available for Free Download, allows us to reach metro, urban & rural markets effectively.

D2C Service Provider Brand Growth

Our innovative technology platforms and digital business model allows us to outperform the industry with Incremental Revenue growth and Profits for service providers.

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